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James says: 
'I am in my second year of study on the MSc in E-Learning. I am taking the course part-time and hope to graduate in 2013. To date I have studied Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning, Course Design and E-Learning and Digital Cultures. I hope to take courses in Online Assessment and Research Methods before attempting the dissertation. My participation on the E-Learning course has had a direct impact on my professional life where I deliver a study skills course for students about to enter higher education. Since enrolling in the E-Learning course, my study skills programme has become a blended course, with a much greater emphasis on online learning. 

You can get a flavour of my study space in the film below, an exercise I completed earlier this semester for the E-Learning and Digital Cultures course. The film also appeared in my E-Learning and Digital Cultures blog.

Email me at james.lamb@ed.ac.uk or your can find me on Twitter at james858499
Michael says:
Hello. I am in my second year as well of the MSc in E-Learning course at the University of Edinburgh. This is my last semester of course study as next semester will find me completing my Dissertation and hopefully graduating in the summer of 2011. I am based in the New York City area, in Princeton, New Jersey specifically. This program has had impact on my professional role as Marketing Manager, Learning & Research Initiatives at my place of employment. I travel quite a bit (similar to James!) for work and for fun. I love all things E-learning, Mobile Learning, and Digital Communities. The video below is my take on what a workplace means for an online student. I hope you enjoy!

Email me at gallagher.michaelsean@gmail.com or on Twitter at gallagher_msean

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