Exploring the classroom without walls

EDC is the E-Learning and Digital Cultures (EDC) course on the MSc in E-Learning at The University of Edinburgh. The E-Learning programme is delivered entirely online and draws students from around the world. EDCSPACE is a project by two students on the EDC course: Michael Sean Gallagher and James Lamb

Our project grew out of a common interest to explore the meaning of the space represented by our digital classroom. We opted to develop our ideas in this website following an invitation to share our experiences of distance learning at Edinburgh University's IT Futures Conference in December 2010. The brief for our input was 'My space'.

Although we received separate invitations to contribute to the Conference, Michael and I opted to collaborate, based upon our shared interest in the subject. We also felt it would be valuable to include the voices of our fellow students on the EDC course. This involved asking our classmates to share their ideas and experiences with us in a variety of ways, and covering a number of themes. 

My space, became Our space, became EDCSPACE.

Over the course of a week, we asked our fellow students to describe their 'study spaces' in visual and narrative forms, including photographs and metaphors collected through a twitter feed. We also set out to create a 'global map of our digital classroom', through an interactive map. The E-Learning and Digital Cultures course is delivered through a range of media therefore it was fitting that we should take a multimodal approach in representing our experiences.

The exercise concluded on 14 December 2011 where we shared our work at the IT Futures Conference: Michael offered a distance location screencast you can see on the Who we are page of this site,  whilst I attended 'in person' to offer a brief overview of the information collected on this site.
James Lamb and Michael Sean Gallagher, December 2010